Fusion Energy

Fusion is a nuclear reaction that occurs when two light atoms combine to create one atom of a heavier element, in the process releasing a large burst of energy. Fusion is the Universe’s energy supply. All forms of energy generation on Earth are merely derived from fusion energy created by the stars. It does not generate the harmful waste of other energy sources, such as the greenhouse gasses produced by coal power or the nuclear waste associated with nuclear fission that powers today’s nuclear power plants. Fusion is considered to be a clean, safe and virtually limitless source of power that can meet global energy needs for generations to come.



Our History

Our company, Proton Scientific, Inc. was established in 2012 to further develop and commercialize a patented electron beam, pulsed power technology acquired from European collaborators.

We pursue our mission by conducting laboratory experiments and advanced computer simulations based on the theory that the extremely focused electron beam can create the conditions needed for fusion to occur in a small size deuterium-tritium fuel capsule. Our “Thunderbird” device is a pulsed-power generator capable of producing a concentrated power burst of 12 billion watts focused in a hair-thin volume of the target. In the next five years we will scale up and optimize the process to initiate a self-sustaining fusion reaction. We envision using our technology to create commercial power plants to provide low-cost, clean energy to the world.


Our Device and Technology

Proton Scientific’s patented pulsed-power generator can produce a burst of power strong enough to achieve fusion.

Our pulsed-power generator, nicknamed “Thunderbird,” can create a super-concentrated burst of power strong enough to create the conditions necessary for fusion to occur. These power bursts are focused on microscopic targets via an electron beam, and our initial tests of Thunderbird indicate the device can produce more than 12 billion watts of power.  This enormous power invested into such a small volume using only a minimal amount of hardware revolutionizes the whole approach to fusion power generation.

The design and efficiency of Thunderbird allow us to move forward very fast on the path toward creating a commercially viable power generator that produces energy via fusion.


Our Careers

We have an opening for a Research Engineer with experience in high energy plasma diagnostics.

Please contact us at info@protonscientific.com

Our Team

Dmitri Novikov, CEO

Andrey Esaulov, Senior Physicist

Michael Weller, Experimental Plasma Diagnostic Physicist

Dale Welch, Senior Physicist (Contractor at Voss Scientific, LLC)

George Miley, Scientific Consultant and Advisory Board Director

Nicholas Krall, Scientific Consultant

Gerald Kulcinski, Scientific Consultant

John Sethian, Scientific Consultant



Our Partners

During this exciting time of expansion and growth, we welcome both equity and strategic partners.