Our History and Perspectives

Our History and Perspectives



November: Proton Scientific, Inc. is established in Champaign, IL to further develop and commercialize the technology for fusion energy production in the United States. European partners started assembly and testing of the upgraded pulsed power device, classification name IVR-3, for transfer to Proton Scientific.


Proton Scientific moves into its new 5000 sq. ft. facility in Urbana, IL. All exclusive intellectual property rights of European partners, including full ownership of granted and pending patents are transferred to Proton Scientific. A team of world class specialists is hired. Infrastructure preparation work begins to accommodate IVR-3 pulsed power device, including acquisition and adaptation of US-made advanced components.


The pulsed electron beam generator constructed in Kiev arrives at our Urbana, IL facility. The device, originally called IVR-3, undergoes initial installation and testing by a joint effort between European partners and Proton Scientific teams. At the end of the year, our pulsed power generator, now called “Thunderbird”, becomes operational. Device characterization begins.


First R&D experiments begin to measure, modify and characterize the pulse forming and target performance. Plasma diagnostic tools including x-ray detection are implemented. Theory of scaled up fusion method and Electron Beam Fusion (EBF) reactor is completed. Conceptual development of the energy production prototype begins.


Characterization of the electron beam focusing and propagation using particle-in-cell (PIC) modeling.


PIC modeling of the electron beam focusing and propagation in the solid target continues. Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) modeling of the fusion fuel compression begins. Proton Scientific pulsed power facility is relocated to Oak Ridge, TN.




Plasma characterization through advanced diagnostics and modeling to optimize EBF process and target parameters will continue.

Validation tests will be conducted toward development of the scaled-up EBF reactor prototype to achieve fusion burn with the maximum net energy gain. Blueprints of the EBF reactor facility will be completed by our Fortune 500 contractor.


Full assembly and testing of the EBF energy production prototype. Conceptual design of the power plant.

End Goal:

Developing and building a full-scale EBF power plant.