Our Team Bios

Dmitri Novikov, President and CEO

Dmitri received his B.S. from Dnipropetrovsk National University, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with emphasis on light microscopy techniques for research applications.

His expertise includes hands-on basic research as well as managing R&D projects and research facilities. Dmitri worked as research associate at the Illinois Natural History Survey, then director of Microscopy Facility, University of Illinois, and prior to joining Proton Scientific, as research assistant professor and director of Advanced Imaging Core, the University of Chicago. Dmitri initiated and oversaw transition of the device and technology from the laboratory of its origin to the pulsed power facility of Proton Scientific in Urbana, IL.

Andrey Esaulov, Senior  Physicist

Andrey Esaulov received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Russia, working among other projects on magnetohydrodynamics plasma modeling and the theory of Plasma Opening Switches. He worked as research fellow and senior research fellow at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP) combining his research work with administrative work as associate head of the Department of Fusion Problems and Astrophysics at ITEP. Andrey worked as a visiting scholar for the Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear,  Santiago, Chile, and the Laboratory for Plasma Astrophysics, Toyama University, Japan. Prior to joining Proton Scientific, Andrey worked for more than a decade at the Department of Physics at the University of Nevada Reno as a visiting scholar, research assistant professor and research associate professor. His research focused on the high energy density plasma and inertial confinement fusion applications at the Nevada Terawatt Facility, Reno, Nevada, collaborating on wire array z-pinch study with Sandia National Laboratories. At Proton Scientific, Andrey is leading pulsed power fusion R&D.

Michael Weller, Experimental Plasma Diagnostic Physicist

Michael received his Ph.D. at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he studied theoretical and experimental physics of Z-pinch complex wire arrays and their applications. His postdoc work started in the collaboration between the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Michigan on a new pulsed power LTD device MAIZE. He then continued at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory before joining the team of Proton Scientific in 2017 working on experimental plasma diagnostics.

Using spectroscopy, he studied K-shell and L-shell radiation from a variety of elements, including Mg, Al, Fe, Ni, Cu, Mo, and Ag. His experience in diagnostics includes fielding time-gated and time-integrated X-ray spectrometers, pinhole and streak cameras, laser shadowgraphy, and current probes for circuit characterization. In theory, he participated in the implementation of the Wire Ablation Dynamics Model and a non-LTE kinetic model interpreting experimental spectra for estimates of the electron temperature and density, applying, among other sources, a suite of computational codes from Prism Computational Sciences.

George Miley, Scientific Consultant and Advisory Board Director

Dr. Miley (Ph.D. Nuclear/Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan) is professor of Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering, University of Illinois, also founder and President of NPL Associates, Inc., a federally funded research company. He is internationally recognized for his research contributions in various areas of nuclear energy ranging from fusion science and technology to radiation sources and direct radiation energy conversion. Dr. Miley is a Fellow member of the ANS, APS, and IEEE, and Associate Fellow of the AIAA. He received a variety of awards for research including the Preparata Medal 2006-2007 for his pioneering research in condensed matter nuclear science, 2006 Integrity in Research Award for fusion research, 2004 ANS Radiation and Isotopes Research Award, 2003 IEEE Fusion Technology Award, 1996 Edward Teller Medal for ICF research, and the 1993 ANS Fusion Energy Achievement Award. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and has held a senior NATO Fellowship. He is the immediate past Chairperson of the ANS Isotopes and Radiation Division and prior chairperson of the ANS Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology Group. In addition, Dr. Miley is the founding editor of the ANS Journal, Fusion Science and Technology and emeritus editor of two Cambridge University Press journals:   Laser and Particle Beams, and Journal of Plasma Physics.

We are very honored and fortunate to benefit from Professor Miley’s continued inputs and recommendations facilitating R&D and optimization of our pulsed power fusion grade device.